How to choose the best Print Services for Exhibition Printing Services, Brisbane?

What is exhibition printing service displays?

Exhibition printing service is known for displaying your brand with a message visually and physically at crowded events like expo, trade fairs, VIP events, seminars and conventions.

If you plan to build up your brand by showcasing at an exhibition or a trade fair, you need a well planned, designed, and well-constructed stall that stands out from other competitors and attracts people. An event is a massive opportunity to outshine your brand with quality printing and catchy designs to project a professional business.

What are the must-have things in exhibition printing services?

Using modern printing techniques and the latest innovations, trade shows, exhibitions, conferences are gold mines to create networks with potential buyers and consumers.

Digital printing sectors like industrial and textile applications, signage, graphics, decor, and packaging bring colours to life for outdoor advertising.

There are three print items categories often displayed at events with creative solutions to make your business stand out:

Marketing materials

To create printed items that contain essential information about your business, you need to have quality printing equipment and clever designs. You can also offer branded goodies when interacting with people during an event. These marketing materials include:

  • Business cards

  • Product brochures

  • Promotional flyers

  • Advertising materials

  • Catalogues

  • Direct mail pieces

  • Display materials

  • Outdoor signs

  • Door hangers

  • Letterheads

  • Registration forms Etc.

Booth displays

Booth displays are a limited amount of space given to promote your business. Using the latest technologies, you need to create all sizes of posters and banners, which demands an overall structure that visually impacts your display attached to a booth wall. These pieces act as the primary visual element of outdoor advertising.

Booth display consists of many varieties of visual elements, such as:

  • Media walls

  • Floor graphics

  • Pull up banners

  • Custom table cloth printing

  • Poster for exhibitions


Who doesn't love a good freebie? People who attend these expos, trade fairs or exhibitions are no different. The goal is to make unique stuff to make a positive, long-lasting impression that people remembers and show it off back at the office. Here it's worth making an extra investment to create branded fun and practical things they use in daily life.

Imposing your brand name on pen, stickers, mugs, hats, notepads, water bottles, bags, sticky notes, headphones, speakers, USB sticks, power banks, mints, and candy are just some examples of freebies.

Why you should choose and what's unique about exhibition printing?

Ultimately, customers want to choose you for their business. Customers want to know technical specifications and in-depth explanations when exhibiting your products and services. Catalogues, magazines, brochures should contain special features of that product, this allows readers to choose you to solve their needs.

It is vital that you use the good, memorable stuff and have good representation. These are achieved by:

  • Selecting the suitable paper/material for print.

  • Make use of software for unique design and edits.

  • Colour management of the content.

  • Choosing the mounts and frames carefully.

  • Pick attractive images to exhibit.

The above thing is achieved when you tell them the advantages of your product offers over your competitors in the market.

Create exhibition printing with the best design tools and keep brand consistency

  1. A good balance of text and visuals give some artistic flair to your posters and banners that outdo your competitors.

  2. A poor-quality print can set out all your effort to create a good quality exhibition design.

  3. From small scale printing to large scale printing, knowing to use the right amount of graphics and texts helps the audience to retain information.

  4. For all kinds of promotional items, enhance your design with conventional custom printing like UV inks, particular paper stocks, metallic inks, and more.

  5. Deliver your design loud and clear with high contrasting colours, high-quality custom graphics, and signage which are easy to read at a distance.

  6. Be creative with your art and have a clear call to action, keeping the tone and message for your brand as a one-shop-stop for all your exhibition printing needs.

  7. Give importance to the brand logo, colour pallet and templates. The audience recalls your brand when you don't compromise your visual elements with lousy printing.

Advantages and futures exhibiting at trade shows

  1. Create brand awareness and advertise to the target audience.

  2. Diverse audience and face to face interactions.

  3. Great way to meet potential clients, suppliers and customers.

  4. Opportunity to branch out business and launch new products with latest trends.

  5. Grab your target audience and generate marketing lists using a customer database.

Due to continuously evolving technology, brands are making their content exhibiting innovative products. Here is the future of content marketing:

  • AR (Augmented reality)

  • VR (Virtual reality)

  • Infographics

Why should you choose Crystal print media as Brisbane's best exhibition printing service?

  • Exhibition printing in Australia is widely known for delivering the products rapidly and accepting and making changes at last minute requests.

  • If you have a big trade fair or expo coming up, no matter the value of the order or size, the exhibition print service in Brisbane delivers the best product quality with attention to detail.

  • Exceptional printing service in Brisbane, Crystal print media provides professional service with a friendly team. If your work requires a lot of banners, printing materials, and custom made designs, crystal print media delivers conventional printing without compromising on quality or customer service.

  • Nothing beats a dedicated in-house, family-run business with generations of mastered specialists in all types of digital printing. One of the most dependable exhibition printing services in the country suits all your business needs and personal projects shipped worldwide.

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